Hilary Russell

Hilary Russell


Northwest artist Hilary Russell was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  In the early '70s she moved to Independence, Oregon where she now lives.  Artistically inclined since early childhood, Hilary has pursued a career in art, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Art from Western Oregon State University.

Prior to earning her degree, she taught watercolor classes at Salem Art Association's Bush Barn Art Center.  She was also an "Artist in Residence" for a year at Oregon State Hospital, Sunrise School in Salem, Oregon.

After her graduation from college, Hilary has been a full time studio artist.  Her first studio was a commercial space in downtown Independence, Oregon.  It was an experimental printmaking and painting studio geared to encourage others to taste art.  Many artists passed through its doors and, of course, the energy of sharing one's passion with others influenced her growth as an artist.  During her time at "C Street Studio", Hilary also taught at Western Oregon State College.

In 1994, Hilary built a studio complex addition on her home in the country south of Independence.  There she continues to work.  Hilary works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing and printmaking.  Her love of color and color relationships has been the central focus in the creation of works of fine art.  Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and she is, and has been, represented by many galleries in Oregon, as well as other states.

HR 1

HR 1 by Hilary Russell

HR 3

HR 3 by Hilary Russell