Laurie Chambreau


My art education began at the knees of my mother and father. Observe, look intently, pay attention, be aware of your world. These lessons were taught exploring the old family homestead in the Tillamook Forest and on Sunday drives standing in the backseat of a 1957 baby blue Chevy Bel Air.

Mom was country. Dad was city. New plowed fields as smooth as velvet and night skylines of line and light with the shimmering Willamette River in the foreground. These things I remember, vividly. I was 5 years old.

By ten years of age, music had filled my world. Piano and violin lessons. Young Musicians Orchestra, directed by Sister Ann Miriam. Playing softball with us, after practices she would race around the diamond, her black habit streaming and red high tops hitting the dirt...beating the ball home. The 60's had begun.

I came of age amidst the juxtaposition of war and peace, guns and flowers, rock and roll.  I enjoy exploring the abstract and opposites in life.

What a journey life is, multi-layered and faceted. In many ways I still see the world through the fresh eyes of a young girl. My art reflects those earlier lessons. I am excited by color and line, texture and tone. Whatever medium I use will always reflect, intimately, the world I observe.