Deb Wallig


I live in Salem, where I have been a floral designer for 27 years.  My husband and I together own and operate Heath Florist formerly in downtown Salem but now operating from our home studio.  Looking forward to retirement, I have been getting more serious about my artistic endeavors beyond floral artistry and working in my home studio has given me more flexibility to pursue them.  
Although I have refurbished and re-imagined many vintage furniture pieces over the years, I just  recently began creating Assemblages using vintage and found objects. I love the patina of age and use these vintage objects have acquired and enjoy bringing them to a new life in my creations.  Many of my pieces have a persona and feel alive with character. At least they do to me.  It makes them very hard to part with!  Photos of many of my pieces, some for sale, some not, can be seen on my Facebook page "Vintageparts art".  
I also do fabric art, using repurposed and recycled materials.  I have been constructing one of a kind pillows for many years which I sold at my floral shop.  Recently I began creating "Fish Pillows", each with it's own personality, which I plan to show at River Gallery as well.
Over the years I've also dabbled in ceramics and mosaic, and painting, both watercolor and acrylic, as the mood strikes.  It seems I can't help myself!  


"Consort" by Deb Wallig

Mixed Media


"Annie" by Deb Wallig

Mixed Media

"Joan d'Arc

"Joan d'Arc by Deb Wallig

Mixed Media

"Ping Pong"

"Ping Pong" by Deb Wallig

Mixed Media


"Vanity" by Deb Wallig

Mixed Media