July Window Show Artist - Sandy Houtman


Month of July 2019

River Gallery
184 S. Main Street
Independence OR 97351

Since 1967, I have had my hands in clay. About 10 years ago I started working in porcelain and I’ve found it a challenge but also a gift. The whiteness of the fired clay and its silky texture as I work with it are both reasons I enjoy using this pristine clay.

The work you see here has been carved when the clay is like hard butter.  A black underglaze is applied to the entire surface, allowed to dry and then it is wiped away and finally scraped away to get the completely white surface areas. The red glaze is a copper red called Ox Blood.  These reds are somewhat difficult to attain as the firing atmosphere needs to be reduced (removal of oxygen) and the glaze must be applied thick enough to give a good red. There are often losses due to placement of the pot in the kiln, too much oxygen in one area of the kiln or not quite enough glaze….or too much and it runs!

I hope you enjoy the work as much as I enjoyed creating it!