"Texture in Color" Katy Vigeland and Nancy Eng

Focus Show

July 1st, 2021 - August 29th, 2021

River Gallery
184 S. Main Street
Independence OR 97351

Nancy Eng and Katy Vigeland have been getting together to make art, share, and support each other’s art endeavours for almost 20 years. They both draw inspiration from continuous learning and trying new techniques. Through their weekly meetups, texture and color are the two of the main concepts that have consistently surfaced in their exploration of new ideas. 


Katy's Artist Statement:

My creative process involves applying layers of paint, ink, papers, and pencil to paper or board. I use contrasting elements when creating my artwork: light and dark, transparent and opaque colors, soft and hard edges, thick and thin lines. Currently I have been working with visual texture and color to express the idea of bringing order to chaos. Certainly world events feed into this theme but the paintings also represent bringing calm to frenzied energy or clear focus to confusion. 




Nancy's Artist Statement:

“Being a working artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I draw from the events surrounding me. My art starts from photos, sketches and memories. Home is an influential aspect of my artwork. Bit by bit, my paintings take on their own personal expressions.  I am captivated by the act of creating and the unpredictability of where each painting will take me during these changing times.”