Mariana Mace

Contract Artist
Mariana Mace


For almost my entire life, I have been fascinated by using my hands to make things, to put materials together, to interconnect elements. Yarns, beads, fabric pieces, parts of plants – each small stitch, or row, or piece of fabric is much like every other, but, oh, how they combine to create endless variety!

Working with my hands connects me to family – to the aunt who taught me to knit, the parents who encouraged me to bead, the daughter who wound skeins and balls of yarn for my weaving, and the granddaughters who learn basketry from me. Hand work also connects me to artisans of other times and other cultures.

My academic background is in anthropology, Native American art history, and world textiles. I study the art and fine craft of many cultures in museums, books, and world markets. My goal is to respectfully use some of their ideas, materials and techniques in my own way, in my own work, creating new art from old traditions.

I enjoy collecting or creating the materials I use, going out in the woods to pull bark from cedar trees and grub in the dirt for spruce root or tules. The weaving that travels through my loom is inspired by my handspun or hand dyed yarns.


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